Feb. 14, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

To aid unauthorized immigrants targeted for deportation, Mexico’s moving mobile embassies into neighborhoods to provide dual citizenship for their American born children. We’ll tell you why.

How did New Jersey fall from leading the solar sector to lagging far behind? And can lawmakers remove barriers to clean energy and still make sure there’s enough money to fund it?

The governor’s budget may contain a surprise for public workers. Full payment into their under-funded pensions. Will it even begin to shore up pensions for future retirees?

Honors for students who don’t make the honor roll, but leap tremendous barriers so they can get back on track and make the grade.

A treasure trove from the jazz age. Photos that enshrine the stuff of legend from one family’s lore. It’s another reminder that black history is all-American.

And a New Jersey pup who didn’t take Westminster’s “best in breed.” But this Hungarian goofball helped get the Pumi breed recognized in its first outing at Westminster. There’s a story there.