FDU PublicMind Poll Exec. Director: Most in NJ Support Death With Dignity Act

For the second time in over three years, the state legislature is considering allowing physician assisted suicide. FDU PublicMind Poll Executive Director Krista Jenkins told NJTV News Anchor Mary Alice Williams that the majority of New Jerseyans support the legislation.

A recent poll on the Death with Dignity Act by the FDU PublicMind Poll finds that opinions haven’t changed much since the legislation was introduced, according to Jenkins.

“They haven’t changed very much since the last time the legislature was considering this I believe back in 2012. And at that time we asked identical questions and so in revisiting the issue now that it has been reintroduced in the legislature, we find that opinion is basically the same,” Jenkins said.

As for the opinion along partisan lines, Jenkins said that Democrats are more decisive in their support whereas Republicans are a little bit more divided.

Seriously ill people who are projected to die within six months can be considered under the Death with Dignity Act. According to Jenkins, patients have to declare their intent to die and some requests also have to be made. Some safeguards have been built into the bill and the patient must be able to administer the drug themselves along with the assistance of a physician, said Jenkins. Although some safeguards have been built into the Death with Dignity Act, Jenkins said that there still are people concerned with the legislation.

In New Jersey, the common core educational standards have been met with mixed reviews and a recent FDU PublicMind poll revealed that many in the state do not know what common core is.

“We find that the vast majority of people in this state know nothing, know very little about what common core is,” Jenkins said. “Even among parents who have children in schools, they are largely unaware of what it is and are largely indecisive about whether they support it or oppose it.”

According to Jenkins, common core sets standards to what students should know by a particular age or grade. Common core also sets standards on teacher evaluations having a tie-in with student test performance.

Some politicians have described common core as a threat to local education and Jenkins said that common core is now being described as an initiative that the federal government has taken over. As for Gov. Chris Christie, Jenkins said that he has demonstrated some concern but that he has been very supportive of common core in the state.