FBI Searches Apartment of Boston Bombing Suspects’ Sister in West New York

By David Cruz
NJ Today

The family of the two men suspected of being responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing reached all the way to West New York, a small immigrant community in North Hudson County, where the men’s sister, 22-year-old Ailina Tsarnaeva, spoke to reporters early this morning.

“I am not OK. Just like anyone else is not OK. No one is OK right now. It’s a very shocking news and I have nothing to say absolutely. I just want to be left alone. That’s what I would like please,” she said.

Within minutes of that interview, local police were on the scene of the 6000 block of Buchanan Place, officials said to secure the safety and privacy of Tsarnaeva. But within minutes of that, the FBI swarmed the area, taking over operational control of the scene. Mayor Felix Roque said that city officials had not spoken to the woman and had left the operation to the FBI.

Roque said the family hadn’t reached out to him and he had not spoken to them.

For the rest of the afternoon, as local police, sheriff’s officers and a growing crowd of neighbors looked on, FBI agents came and went from the second floor apartment. Sources tell us agents visited all the apartments in the six-unit building and asked residents to stay inside. They also didn’t let anyone else in the building.

Eventually, they took a computer and several other items from the apartment. A black SUV that had pulled up to the front of the building — we thought to take the family from the area, but sources tell us the family elected to stay and the FBI had no cause to take them into custody.