Farm Honors Derek Jeter with Corn Maze

By Candace Kelley

This is no regular corn maze. A view from the top shows the face of the now retired Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. A little corny to some, but the owners of the maze say fans think it’s cool.

“Here in the tri-state area I don’t think there’s been anyone who has been as big a role model in sports or in general,” said VonThun Farm Manager Tim VonThun.

Last night the Fenway Park crowd showed Jeter respect at his last game after a 20-year career and the VonThun Farm in South Brunswick is showing showing their respect for Number 2 with this big, bold, five-acre corn maze.

“It’s a picture of his face with his baseball cap on top and down below it it says thanks to Captain Clutch with his Number 2 and pin stripes around it,” VonThun said.

The farm has been in the VonThun for 101 years. It started out as a potato farm, moved to growing fruits and vegetables, then evolved into hosting animals and now this maze — something that got a huge reaction from fans.

“For him to be on the same team for 20 years, that’s like, in baseball, a lifetime,” said Rony Pochon.

“He ended it the way that he wanted and he’s a great role model,” said tour guide Ed Krwacz.

This maze was originally going to be a pumpkin patch but with all of the Jeter fever, The VonThuns had a better idea — honor Derek Jeter and congratulate him on what they say was “a job well done.”

Kids and adults have been coming to the farm to get a close up of the Jeter-shaped maze, but the VonThun family wants to hit a home run by getting a closeup of Derek Jeter himself.

Of course after you decide to get lost in that Derek Jeter maze, there’s that last stop you have to make.

“You gotta get the apple cider. It’s not like you run into this every day,” Pochon said.

If you want to take a trip to the Derek Jeter corn maze, it’s open until the end of October.