Enamored by the dark side? Find out why

BY Lauren Wanko, Correspondent |

Coffins filled with skeletons, body parts dangling from chains, hundreds of skulls. That’s what you’ll see every October as people flock to haunted attractions to be frightened.

“Many people are enamored of the dark side because we don’t know much about it. Throughout human history, we’ve been more exposed to the positive side of life, the life of everyday living, but the dark side remains a fascination with the human race,” said Frank Farley, professor of psychological studies in education at Temple University.

“I love the fact that people like to be scared because it helps our budget,” said InfoAge Science History Learning Center Founder and COO Fred Carl.

For the past 12 years, part of the InfoAge Science History Learning Center at Camp Evans is transformed into the Base of Terror.

“Every year we get more and more people,” said Carl.

Why do people enjoy being scared, or partaking inactivities like skydiving or roller coasters? Farley says they may have a ‘Type T’ personality.

“It reflects a set of personality qualities that involve things like risk taking, thrilling seeking, excitement seeking and stimulation seeking,” he said.

What factors determine whether or not someone may have a ‘Type T’ personality?

“Think of it as a recipe with a lot of ingredients,” continued Farley.

Ingredients include genetics, personality, childhood upbringing and social and cultural factors, says the doctor. Carl is thrilled there are so many thrill seekers who visit their attraction because the proceeds support the historic site.

Base of Terror is sprawled across 6-acres in Wall Township. There are 12 different haunts. One in particular is called the Road Kill Bar and Chill. The company is great, very lively. And the eyeball soup? It’s to die for.

Still, not everyone’s scared of these creepy creatures.

“I’m afraid of being on television. That’s what I’m afraid of,” said Camp Evans Base of Terror Coordinator Gloria Kudrick.

Base of Terror volunteers are already building sets and spooky characters for next year.