East Brunswick Mayor Changes Party Affiliation

By Senior Correspondent Desirée Taylor
NJ Today

East Brunswick Mayor David Stahl announced he’s leaving the Democratic Party. Stahl explained why at press conference at the Colonial Diner on Route 18.

“It saddens me to say the Democratic Party I grew up with many years ago is not the same party it is today. The party I see in Middlesex County is not the party of John F. Kennedy who provided us with some of first major tax reforms our nation has ever seen. Nor the party of Bill Clinton who worked with Republican leaders in Congress to create largest economic expansion in our country since World War II,” said Stahl.


This newly declared Republican is also putting his hat in the state Senate race. He’s looking to be the Republican nominee in the 18th district, a seat currently held by Democratic Sen. Barbara Buono. She’s vacating her seat to run for governor.

Stahl’s decision to switch parties doesn’t surprise some Democrats. In 2011, Stahl endorsed a Republican candidate instead of Democrat Peter Barnes for the Assembly seat. And it’s likely Barnes will oppose Stahl in the Senate race.