Drivers Caught Texting in North Plainfield Can Watch Video Instead of Paying Fines

New Jersey bars motorists from texting while driving and one community is giving out warnings and to educate the public about the dangers. Instead of handing out tickets to motorists caught texting and driving, officials in North Plainfield are offering them a choice: watch an online video highlighting the dangers of the practice within 15 days or pay a fine.


The video, which offers personal accounts from individuals whose loved ones were killed or seriously injured as a result of texting and driving, was produced by AT&T. North Plainfield officials said the goal of the warning program is to educate and not raise money through hefty fines. Members of law enforcement said there were 985 fatalities related to texting while driving in 2009 and they believe that the instances are under reported. So far, 1,500 drivers have been issued warnings in North Plainfield. NJToday’s Desiree Taylor files this report.