Drama Before Christie Keynote, What Republicans Thought of Clint Eastwood

NJ Today Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron has been in Florida covering the Republican National Convention and getting reaction from New Jersey delegates. He spoke with Managing Editor Mike Schneider about the decision to have Clint Eastwood speak before Mitt Romney and some controversy that allegedly took place before Gov. Chris Christie gave his keynote address Tuesday.

Aron said he spoke to Republican leaders today about Clint Eastwood’s performance. While they wanted to stay off the record, Aron said one thought the routine didn’t work. “It wasn’t really all that clear to everybody in the hall and that Clint Eastwood should’ve just come out there and said something about Mitt Romney, elect him and make my day and had it over with that,” he relayed.

Another Republican had harsher criticism for the star. “The other one said that he thought by the time Eastwood was finished that Eastwood was two minutes away from embarrassing Mitt Romney, zero minutes away from embarrassing himself and wishfully thinking that Joe Biden is going to do something similar a week from now,” Aron said.

Some have alleged there was some drama before Christie gave his keynote address Tuesday. Aron said he has heard from two sources that because earlier speakers had gone over time and convention planners were trying to keep the speeches to 11 p.m. each night, just as Christie was about to go on, he was told a professionally made video his office produced would not be shown.

“The governor apparently said if you drop that video, I’m not walking up onto that stage so that settled that decision,” Aron said.