Guardian Says He Is Prepared To Be Mayor Of Atlantic City

Nearly a week after Election Day, the Board of Elections has yet to certify Don Guardian as the new mayor of Atlantic City. The race between Guardian, a Republican, and incumbent Democrat Lorenzo Langford was close, with unofficial results showing Guardian victorious. As ballots continue to be counted, Guardian told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that he is prepared for whatever result the Board of Elections declares.

“There’s always a doubt,” said Guardian. “There’s about 550 votes still to be counted. I think 100 to 150 will probably be disqualified, and then in my head about 385, so I need to win half of that. But I’m a Boy Scout, I’ll be prepared. If I lose I’ll be going back to the special improvement district and be very creative in running half of the city or if I win I’ll continue with plans to get the city reorganized.”

Some have said Jim Schroeder, the Atlantic County Democratic chairman, made comments about Republican operatives in Atlantic City intimating people who cast their votes on provisional ballots. Guardian says he is not aware of that and he knows that representatives are trying to cooperate and verify addresses on voter registrations.

Guardian says that he will be fine with either outcome as the votes continue to be counted.

In Atlantic City, casino revenues have been going down. Guardian said that casinos in Atlantic City have opened up a new chapter and the city has to go back to being a destination resort with casinos being one type of entertainment. Guardian thinks casinos are being redefined as hotels offering entertainment.

As for the tax situation with the casinos, Guardian says that the casinos are finding ways to pay their taxes.

As for Revel, Guardian thinks that the casino will be sold.

If Guardian is declared the elected mayor of Atlantic City, he says that he is ready.

“It is a tough job, but I’m up for the challenge,” said Guardian. “I’ve been running the special improvement district for 20 years and the last two and a half years I’ve been part of the tourism district, part of the CRDA, the state of New Jersey and half of the city is in the tourism district. It only took me a couple of months to figure out to clean the streets every day, fix the lighting, make it more safe, put in bus shelters, do trash cans, run special events, get people excited and feel good. Now I want to take care of the other half of the city where the residents live.”