DNC Lookback, What Dems Thought of Obama, Clinton Speeches

Both the Republicans and Democrats have had their national conventions and now analysts are comparing the two. NJ Today Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron, who attended both conventions, told Managing Editor Mike Schneider that he believes both parties accomplished their goals.

Aron said the New Jersey delegation viewed the Democratic National Convention as a success, which he agrees with. “It probably was a pretty big success,” he said. “The Republican convention was about what’s wrong with the country. The Democratic convention was more about what’s right with the country. Sometimes the glass half empty is more interesting to hear about than a glass half full, but I think both parties did what they probably needed to do.”

Some have said President Barack Obama had a difficult time having to speak one night after former President Bill Clinton. Aron said while New Jersey delegates were happy with Obama’s speech, they may have preferred Clinton’s. “Probably privately many of them would say that Bill Clinton’s speech was really a home run and Barack Obama hit a double last night,” Aron said. “But you can’t get that publicly.”


For New Jersey delegates at the DNC, the convention was as much about the upcoming gubernatorial election as the presidential race. “Every four years at a convention, gubernatorial jockeying is intense for the party out of power,” Aron explained. He said this year was a bit more subdued without big receptions that candidates used to throw.

At this point, it’s unclear which Democrat will challenge Gov. Chris Christie, but several names have come up — Sen. Barbara Buono, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Assemblyman Lou Greenwald and Party Chairman John Wisniewski.

“A lot of what went on here at this hotel was really much more about 2013 than 2012,” Aron said.