Dec. 9, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

With more teens taking up vaping the surgeon general calls e-cigarettes a public health concern. Are they a healthy alternative to smoking or a gateway drug?

With more than half a million New Jersey residents covered under Obamacare’s medicaid expansion what happens when the next president takes office?

South Jersey’s less populated and more bucolic, but it requires the same resources as North Jersey. So why does South Jersey get short changed?

So many released inmates return to prison. Could a tailored personal re-entry plan help them succeed where other programs fail?

A sparkling tower of glass and steel’s been sold. A Chinese company wanted it. A Kuwaiti company got it. Is Newark the new magnet for global enterprise?

And a ladies lunch. But instead of bridge and mah-jong, they bring potluck and chainsaws.