Currie Says Christie Should Work on Problems in NJ

Gov. Chris Christie attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Thursday. State Democratic Chair John Currie told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that the governor should have stayed in the state.

“I think the governor is totally off the reservation and I think the governor has left New Jersey, left New Jersey voters and he’s pandering to his conservative friends,” said Currie.

Currie said that the governor’s policies have been failures for the citizens of the state as he had opposed a minimum wage increase and women’s health care. Instead of leaving the state on another trip, Currie said that Christie should have stayed to work on the budget.

Some of Christie’s recent trips have consisted of him fundraising for the Republican Governors Association. Throughout those trips, Christie has set some records in fundraising.

“Well he’s connecting with the conservatives, but he should be at home taking care of New Jersey’s problems,” Currie said.

Currie said that the state is suffering during Christie’s recent trips because he is not working on the problems that the state has on a daily basis.

As for pension reform, Currie said that as long as Christie makes the payments toward pensions, then the situation should be fine. Moving forward Currie said that pensions should be sustainable.

When working with the governor on getting some of the Democratic agenda through, Currie said that Christie has not been the same since the bridge scandal.

“I could say I think the governor is much more subdued these days,” said Currie. “We’ll wait and see what’s happening.”

As for the George Washington Bridge lane closures, Currie said that he would still like to know why Christie has not sat down with officials to discuss why public safety was put in jeopardy.