Currie Says Christie Has Been Distracted and Has Not Addressed Scandal

State Democratic Chair John Currie told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that the governor is being distracted by his work with the Republican Governors Association and isn’t properly addressing the George Washington Bridge lane closure investigation. He also said Education Commissioner Chris Cerf resigned now before the ongoing scandal gets worse.

Currie said was not a fan of Cerf as the commissioner.

“I don’t like where he’s taken our education system,” said Currie. “I believe in public education. I think if they have the resources, we can do a good job to educate our kids. I’m not a big fan of going to all of the charter schools.”

In the past, people have criticized Cerf’s policies. Currie said that he is not sure if that is the real reason for Cerf’s departure but that people will have to wait and see.

Some have wondered whether Cerf’s departure has to do with the scandal surrounding Gov. Chris Christie and the George Washington Bridge lane closures. Currie said that things are not heading in a good direction for the governor and that Cerf is leaving before things can get worse.

“I think it’s that bad. I think he sees the handwriting on the wall and I think he’s getting out when the getting is good,” said Currie.

In a statement released yesterday, Currie said that he hopes Christie sees the situation as a teachable moment and that he has not been addressing the scandal. The governor has been out of state while there have been problems and Currie said that Christie has been distracted by his duties with the Republican Governors Association.

Despite the controversy, Currie said that Democrats will be prepared to work with the governor in a fair manner and that it will be about compromising.

“This is about compromise,” said Currie. “I don’t think the Democrats are looking to have their way. They’re looking to do what’s right for the citizens of New Jersey. That’s what we’re looking for and taking care of our middle class and our children.”