Congressional Delegation Discusses Sandy Aftermath and Recovery

By Dari Kotzker
NJ Today

The entire New Jersey congressional delegation met with Gov. Chris Christie today to discuss post-Hurricane Sandy aftermath and the recovery process. They discussed strategy and how bipartisanship will help the process.

“Regardless of party, regardless of previous battles that we’ve had with each other, everybody around this table stood up and called and asked, ‘What do we need? How can they help?’ And we’re out in the field working with their constituents to make sure that those people are dealt with,” Christie said. “And I think New Jersey set an example for the rest of the country on how to work across party lines together in times of real challenge to our people. And the men and women around this table are folks who deserve great credit for that and I thank them for it.”


Topics of discussion included finding housing for displaced people, upgrading the power grid and beach restoration. “The bottom line is that everyone understands with the fact is the storms are becoming more frequent and occurring in different parts of the country so you may be next. I think the feeling is now that we’re in a different realm,” said Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone. “In other words, nationally in Washington there’s an understanding that there’s gotta be a national response and this shouldn’t be something that’s looked at on a regional basis.”

Pallone also said FEMA is working to get trailers for Hurricane Sandy victims and people are expected to move into Fort Monmouth after Thanksgiving.