Coca-Cola recycling campaign and zero waste conference lead environmental change in Newark

BY Michael Hill, Correspondent |

In an effort to amplify recycling education and participation, The Coca-Cola Foundation has awarded a $140,000 grant to Newark, making it one of seven cities nationwide to run the foundation-funded pilot program.

“Through these pilots we hope to help cities address some of these challenges and barriers to recycling,” said Lauren Craig, director of public affairs and Communications at The Coca-Cola Company.

The launch of the program is the latest example of increasing environmental consciousness in Newark, as this week NJIT hosted a Companies for Zero Waste two-day conference aimed to steer the private, public and academic sectors toward the same goals: renewable energy and zero waste.

Advocates for sustainable and renewable energy and global survival say the need for change is all around us, but Henk Rogers of the environmental group Blue Planet Alliance says right now our country doesn’t have the “will power” to stop climate change.

Rogers is among those hoping another generation’s advocacy – such as 16-year-old Greta Thunberg’s UN speech earlier this week — will become a spark for greater environmental policies and changes.

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