Clinicians, counselors learn new ways to treat childhood trauma

BY Michael Hill, Correspondent |

Through teaching ARC, clinical psychologist Dr. Jana Pressley of the Trauma Center in Massachusetts is empowering clinicians and counselors with new tools for helping traumatized children.

The intervention model, which stands for Attachment, Self-Regulation and Competency, is designed to aid in mending the relationships between traumatized children and their caregivers, teaching new strategies to cope and building children’s capabilities.

Training takes place at Midland Park’s Paradigm Therapeutic Day School, a subsidiary of nonprofit Care Plus New Jersey. The school provides oftentimes modified education to 26 students dealing with mental health challenges through a staff of 15, including a nurse and therapists.

Therapies include equine, art and photography and play at the end of the day, all with the goal of graduating high school students and preparing them for what’s next.