Christie Says If Democrats Don’t Pass Tax Cut, They Are Liars

By Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron
NJ Today

The state police had more security than usual outside the recreation center in Bergenfield where Gov. Chris Christie held his 106th town hall this afternoon. For the first time ever, Christie was briefly joined by his wife who had a Sandy relief event nearby.

“We have a special bonus, special bonus today. You don’t just get me, you get the better half,” Christie said. “Be kind. She’s never been inside the circle before for one of these.”

The first lady heads a Sandy relief fund. “I’m thrilled to announce and tell you guys that we have commitments of $34 million to date. By the end of April have granted $11 million to people,” Mary Pat Christie said. “And I know my husband is going to be quite entertaining as he usually is. And thanks for the opportunity. And thank you honey.”

The heart of the governor’s message was that Democrats in the legislature should join him in supporting an income tax cut before the summer recess at the end of June. And he noted it is a tax cut they have supported verbally over the past year.

“Sixty-eight days to go til the end of the legislative session. They got 68 days left to figure out whether they’re honest or whether they’re liars. If they don’t pass this tax cut in the next 68 days, then you know what they were doing all along. They were lying to you,” the governor said. “And if they still don’t do it, then it means something really awful, even worse in my opinion than being a liar. Here’s what they are then. What they are is something that we thought we got rid of in 2009, something that we thought we had driven a stake in the heart of and gotten rid of forever and ever from New Jersey. You know what I’m talking about right? Corzine Democrats.”

He said if the legislature doesn’t act he’ll be talking about this tax cut right up to election day in November.

Tomorrow, Christie travels to Texas for the dedication of the George W. Bush Library on Thursday. All the living presidents will be there. But when a woman here suggested she’d like to see Christie run for president, he didn’t bite.

“I wanna stay here. And I intend to stay here. I got a job to finish here and I like living here,” he said.