Christie Plans to Serve Rest of Term Despite Talking with President-Elect Trump

By Michael Aron
Chief Political Correspondent

The most commonly asked question in New Jersey politics this week is — is Chris Christie leaving for a job in the Trump administration?

“The only thing I said that I would consider doing was when he considered me for vice president. And he selected Gov. [Mike] Pence. And since that time I have been saying consistently throughout that I’m going to serve out the rest of my term, and I’m serving out the rest of my term,” Christie said.

He said he wants to finish his term, but never say never.

“You don’t ever look at the president, at least I don’t look at a president of the United States, and say to them under no circumstances will I consider anything you ask me to do. But I think that the presdient-elect understands I feel I’ve got an obligation here in the state to complete the term that I was elected to,” Christie said.

Has Trump asked Christie to serve?

“I’m not going to get into that,” the governor said.

Christie told host Eric Scott the press is so desperate for stories it is printing rumors, implying that reports of his own falling out with the Trump team are just plain false.

“My relationship with the president-elect is great, as everybody saw yesterday when we were together. There’s never been a cross word between us in terms of our feelings toward each other,” Christie said.

So all the stuff saying he was disappointed in Christie because of Bridgegate, etc.?

“All crap,” Christie said.

Christie on the radio last night was very Christie-esque — full of sarcasm and contrariness. How many times over the years have we heard him berate Democratic legislators in blistering terms?

Last night it was Ray Lesniak, who has called for a Bridgegate special prosecutor.

“He is a crazy quack, and everybody in the State House knows that Ray Lesniak is crazy,” Christie said.

Throw in Loretta Weinberg, a sharp critic of Christie on Bridgegate.

“Despite the fervent wish of partisan Democrats like Loretta Weinberg, who spent nearly every day at the trial in a reserved seat — I mean, that’s really serving her constituents extraordinarily well,” Christie said.

Or lump in another Democratic Bridgegate foe, John Wisniewski, and mock all three of them.

“I know it deeply disappoints Sen. Weinberg that she can’t be proven to be true and correct and right. And I know it deeply disappoints Assemblyman Wisniewski, who shockingly is now running for governor. I know it disappoints a lunatic like Ray Lesniak,” Christie said.

And in case you didn’t get it about Lesniak: “Talk to anyone in the Legislature privately and they will tell you that he is not with it, not of right mind and they don’t know when they’re going to get the next lunatic email from him at 2 in the morning,” Christie said. “To be criticized by Ray Lesniak is like a great day for me because it proves that I still have my marbles.”

Christie also hammered the press last night like a guy who has been hanging around Donald Trump.

Especially over its coverage of the Bridgegate trial and what was said about him in court.

“These people who testified are convicted liars and felons,” Christie said. “Yet if you listen to the press corps in this state, every word that came out of Bridget Kelly’s and Bill Baroni’s mouth was gospel truth. It’s, it’s ridiculous.”

Bridgegate was three years ago, he said, it’s over now.

“And I know it won’t allow for the liberal media in this state to continue to beat on the Republican governor, but they’ll find something else to do. And I’m sorry for them that their days of just giddyness of covering a trial for six weeks are over. But now they’re going to actually have to find something else to write about,” Christie said.

NJTV News reached out to Lesniak for a response: “The governor needs to take either a long vacation or a serious meditation practice because he’s lashing out at everybody, calling everybody a liar except himself. I understand, he’s had a tough year.”

If Christie doesn’t go to Washington, he’ll be visiting this studio for another 14 months.