Christie Meets with Voters in New Hampshire

By David Cruz

If he’s worried about the supposed slowing of his momentum here, Chris Christie isn’t showing it. In a day full of diner visits and town halls, the governor shot zingers at the press, a favorite pastime.

“Keep an eye on this guy, he’s from New Jersey, very, very untrustworthy so keep an eye on him, all right? Don’t leave the tip on the table while he’s around; that’s all I’m saying,” Christie said.

And answered actual questions, even some on New Jersey topics like the actual pending storm that’s bearing down on New Jersey and the political tempest that’s brewing in Atlantic City.

“Yeah, it looks like we’re going to get the snow down there and miss it up here, but we’ll be ready. You know they were asking me about that outside and I said after Superstorm Sandy and all that stuff a little snow doesn’t scare me. My cabinet’s completely ready for this stuff,” Christie said.

The mayor of Atlantic City says he feels like the state just gave him a sucker punch.

“Listen, the mayor of Atlantic City should just do his job, OK. I’ve given him plenty of time to do his job and the last mayor to do his job. The spending in that city is completely out of control. It has been for a long time. When you look at what they spend, per resident, in Atlantic City compared to any other city. They’re three times more than Newark. I don’t want to hear from the mayor about that stuff,” Christie said “Do your job.”

In the final days of the most important election of his political life, Christie insists he’s sticking to his one voter at a time strategy, with some evidence that it’s working.

“Seemed like a really nice guy,” said Chester resident Ashley Prokopik. Is he somebody she’d vote for? “Um, I think so,” she said.

Did Christie convince Chester resident Edie Hallard to vote for him? “I think he was really nice, but I think he inspired me to look into some of his policies. I would consider voting for him. He’s really nice,” Hallard said.

At a town hall at a manufacturer of firefighters’ clothing in Pittsfield, the governor showed that after seven months here since he announced, he has fine-tuned his pitch.

“This is down to a four-person race now. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and me,” Christie said. “So let’s be partners and if you come out of this today or some time before the ninth and you think you want to help me, tell your friends. Tell your friends you’re with me and tell them why. And if you’re not with me, don’t talk to anyone. Don’t talk to a soul and if the weather’s bad on the ninth, don’t take any chances. Stay home, no big deal for the other guys, but for me get out there and be a risk taker,” Christie said.

Globe Manufacturing President Don Welch said Christie won some votes today. What did he say or do that made him think that? “I think a lot of it is his personality, that take charge personality. His experience certainly resonates with people,” Welch said.