Christie Meets with NH Business People on Campaign Trail

By David Cruz

The race to the Republican nomination in 2016 is a marathon and sooner or later you have to run through an informal lunch hosted by New Hampshire businesswoman Renee Plummer and her husband Dan.

“This is my 11th and it’s funny to watch the different people and how they react to him. And you can see people just staring to say ‘yes, I understand.’ They’re of the same mind, they’re syncing very well together. And I love that he’s saying ask me anything,” Renee Plummer said.

In the conference room of a building in an office park owned by the couple, Gov. Christie stated his case as the guy who can win in 2016.

“We need to nominate someone who knows how to run this kind of race. It’s not an easy race to run but it’s very winnable. It’s very winnable,” he said.

It wasn’t a typical Christie town hall. The crowd of business people skeptical. The governor a bit stiff. But as he warmed up, the audience, too, relaxed.

When asked how he thought it went Christie said, “It think it went OK. It’s a smaller group. You have to kind of modulate yourself to the size and the tenor of the group that you’re in,” Christie said.

“Everybody seemed to enjoy him. What’s happening is the PAC is starting to, there’s a group that’s starting to go a little bit faster than the rest and he’s one of them,” Plummer said.

Then it was off to Nashua, the First Lady slightly behind.

In Nashua, former mayor and GOP elder statesman Bernie Streeter gave the campaign his blessing.

“Mary Pat and I both want to thank Bernie,” Christie said.

“I haven’t had a loser yet,” Streeter said. “We’re not breaking Bernie’s streak,” Christie said.

As is often the case here, it was a reporter, not a potential voter, who brought up the GWB.

“There will always be some conversation by some folks about it. But all I can do is tell people exactly what I told them in January and I’ll continue to say the same thing because it’s the truth,” Christie said. When asked if it will affect his presidential campaign, he said, “No.”

The governor said he’ll be back in Jersey by Saturday afternoon and plans to deliver policy speeches this month on criminal justice reform and immigration.