Christie Makes First NJ Public Appearance in 51 Days

It’s been nearly two months since Gov. Chris Christie’s made a public appearance in his home state and he made the most of it. NJTV News Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron caught up with him in Paterson. Aron told Anchor Mary Alice Williams that the event in Paterson was on drug addiction and not about Presidential politics.

According to Aron, the occasion was on the first anniversary of Christie’s faith and addiction task force. His message today — addiction is not a moral failing, it’s a disease, said Aron.

“I will tell you that of all the things that I’ve been involved in the last six years as governor, nothing makes me prouder than this. Nothing is more important to me personally than this, cause I believe that every life is a precious gift from God, every life,” said Christie. “And that we have to treat every life like it is a precious gift from God. I often tease some of my friends in the Republican party who join me as being someone who believes in life and being pro-life, first of all you got to be pro-life for longer than just when they’re in the womb. All the time, you know, before they got out of the womb they haven’t done anything to disappoint us yet. They get out and that’s when the real fun starts. And we have to be pro-life for the folks, like the 16-year-old drug addict laying on the floor of the country lock up.”

At the event at Barnert Hospital in Paterson, Christie was joined by former Gov. Jim McGreevey and a recovering addict by the name of Michelle from Bergen County.

Aron said that Christie was in a big hurry, as he did not answer any questions on his way in and out of the event. Meanwhile the decision by Republican Scott Walker to withdraw from the race to become the Republican Presidential nominee has been a popular topic by the media, Aron said that the consensus surrounding Walker’s decision and Christie seems to be that a few donors could go Christie’s way.

“There weren’t many Walker voters left, so that won’t help. But now there’s one fewer governor in the crowded field and Christie can say he’s the only governor in the race who took on the public employee unions,” said Aron.

While Walker withdrew from the race, he called upon the rest of the GOP hopefuls to withdraw to allow a head-on challenge for front runner Donald Trump. On a morning radio interview, Christie said that he was not going to withdraw from the race.

When asked if he thinks Christie would drop out of the race, Aron said, “I highly doubt it, given all that he has invested in New Hampshire and just his demeanor, he seems like quite a confident guy. He keeps saying it’s a long slug ahead and that everybody else is the one who is getting impatient, not him.”

When Christie had not made a public appearance in the state within the last 51 days, Aron said that Christie appointed a new State Comptroller — Phil Degnan.