Christie Impresses at Most Recent Town Hall in New Hampshire

By Michael Aron
Chief Political Correspondent

8 a.m. this morning in the valley of the White Mountains is a tidy resort town called North Conway, and Governor Christie and his wife are on their way in to yet another town hall.

Inside a restaurant about a hundred people are here to see  him. For Christie, and virtually all the Republican presidential candidates, another day, another swipe at President Obama.

“He’s going to have a legacy. I’m convinced. He’s achieved it. He’s going to be the worst foreign policy president in history of this country,” said Christie.

He tells them how well he’s handled a Democratic legislature.

“My point to you is I’m battle-tested for Washington DC. I’ve vetoed 400 bills, 400 bills, in five and a half years. You know how many of those vetoes have been overridden? Zero,” he said.

Last night at a VFW Hall way up in what they call North Country, about 60 turned out.

Christie said it was a difficult day because New Jersey senator Cory Booker had come out in favor of the Iran nuclear deal.

“He admits the agreement is deeply flawed, gives us awful choices, and then he’s deeply disappointed in the President. Now, if you heard those first three things you’d say well the next statement is going to be, ‘I will vote no.’ Only in Washington DC. ‘Deeply flawed, deeply disappointed and I’ll vote yes.’ That is what is wrong with what’s going on in Washington DC right now,” he said.

For an hour and 55 minutes Christie offers opinions on the need to change the tax code.

“If all of you think the tax system in this country is rigged for the rich, you’re right. It is,” he said.

On ISIS Christie said, “I don’t think the right thing to do right now is send American troops there. The Egyptians, the Jordanians, the Emirates and the Saudis all believe ISIS is a threat to them now. And they’re right. An they want to fight them, but the need the most sophisticated weapons in the world to fight them effectively. We have them. We need to sell them to them.”

On veterans issues: “We have a VA system that’s a scandal. They lie to veterans. They lie to the taxpayers,” he said.

On guns and mental illness: “Some of it is random violence by mentally ill people, but the majority of it is violence by depraved criminals and we need to put those folks in jail,” he said.

“I’m very impressed. I’m more impressed than I thought I was going to be,” said Andrea Thilbrook from Gorham, New Hampshire.

“Changed my impression in a very positive way,”said John Potter, a Florida resident.

I think he’s great, I really do. I’m glad he’s running,” said Bert Davis, a Berlin, New Hampshire resident.

This afternoon Christie walked around the state fair for an hour and told reporters he’ll be back often.

When asked about his 100 town hall goal in New Hampshire Christie said, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to, but I’m trying. You know we’ll be here every week between now and February 9. We may very well get there, we’ll see.”

Each week he makes the case for his candidacy with a little more urgency.

“I still think Hillary Clinton’s going to be their candidate and when we get on that stage in September of 2016, it’s going to be no picnic. And the press who’s asking those questions and Secretary Clinton standing across the stage, is not going to let the Republican candidate for president get away with platitudes, generalities. We got to be ready to answer, and you need somebody on that stage that’s going to be ready to prosecute the case,” he said.