Christie Holds 117th Town Hall in Sayreville

By David Cruz

Gov. Chris Christie got his usual standing ovation today in Sayerville. But in his first town hall event since his own internal report cleared him from complicity in the George Washington Bridge scandal, the governor faced a few more empty seats and a few less cameras, but in the town where the scars of Sandy are visible, the subject was at the top of the governor’s remarks.

“I was here over a year ago now, I think it is. In this very place to tell you all we’re gonna do buyouts in Sayerville and I want to give you an update on that,” said Christie.

As usual, the governor chose a friendly town to hold the meeting.

“First you could do no wrong in my eyes,” said one attendee.

“Well I’m taking you home for family dinner tonight then, that’s pretty good,” said Christie.

“Well I call it to me and my friends, it’s a politician crush,” she said.

But he still faced a few tough questions including again a challenge to his stand on cannabis policy and even his conservative bonafides.

“It’s been passed, it’s a law now. Edibles are available for minors now,” said Christie.

“What happens when my son turns 18 and no longer eats the edibles because it’s for minors only,” asked another attendee.

“Every time you make one of these changes, we move closer and closer to legalization,” said Christie.

“Why you had that special election instead of appointing a conservative person, you left it up to the public and it cost millions and millions of dollars and we have another election because the seat is up in a few months,” said a member of the audience.

Christie has been focusing on getting back to work, bringing cabinet members along to his town hall events to illustrate the point.

“That’s the commissioner of the DEP, so what’s going to happen is when we get done, he’s going to sit down with you, because he just gave me the look like he didn’t know about this story. So you’re going to fill him in on it. You’ve got the boss of the DEP sitting here now and you got the DEP’s boss really interested, so that’s good too,” said Christie.

If today’s town hall event felt a little old hat, that seemed OK with the governor who’s eager to put distance between himself and the scandal that just one month ago threatened to derail his entire political career.