Christie Continues War of Words with NJEA

At a press conference where Gov. Chris Christie announced that Edward Dickson of New Brunswick will be the new director of Homeland Security, he also continued his war of words with the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), saying the group really believes what Executive Director Vince Giordano said.

“I think they really believe that poor children and their families shouldn’t have the right to leave a failing school because it will affect their membership,” Christie said. “It will affect the dues they collect and it will affect his $500,000 in compensation.”

NJToday Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron was at the press conference in the Statehouse.


New Homeland Security Director Dickson spent 25 years with the FBI before being involved in corporate security. He replaces Charles McKenna who is moving to the position of chief counsel. Christie, Dickson and McKenna first worked together on the Daniel Pearl kidnapping case.