Christie Announces Sea Wall Rebuild, Answers Questions in Sea Bright

By David Cruz

The governor was back in the bosom of Monmouth County today, announcing an $8 million project to rebuild a section of the sea wall along the beach in Sea Bright.

“So I’m proud to announce today that the state of New Jersey is committed to an $8.5 million project here in Sea Bright that will extend the sea wall to protect the borough’s downtown area,” Gov. Chris Christie said.

“Everything here was wrecked after a freight train of water barreled right where you’re sitting, through our downtown and what the ocean didn’t smash from the front side, the river swallowed from the back side,” said Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long.

The governor’s sea wall announcement was almost perfunctory. What he was here for and what the gathered press was here for had little to do with the sea or the wall.

In a wide ranging press conference after the announcement, the governor had plenty to say.

On whether he speaks a foreign language and if that would be necessary for a presidential run, Christie said, “No. … English is the main language in our country so I think that’s probably the one that’s required to be president of the United States.”

On red light cameras, the governor said, “I have concerns about it and my inclination is not to continue it, but I haven’t made any final decision on it yet.”

And on Newark schools where he told the mayor to basically mind his own business. “Mayors should run the city and not worry about the schools. Schools are the responsibility of the commissioner of education and this administration and Superintendent [Cami] Anderson. Seems to me from what I’ve seen from a budgetary perspective and other things up there, the mayor’s got plenty on his plate. Maybe he should deal with what he’s supposed to deal with first and he can worry about doing my job later,” said Christie.

The governor will be down the shore all weekend. Then he’ll travel to Mexico on what is being billed as a trade mission, continuing the balancing act of hands on chief executive and top tier potential presidential candidate.