Christie Advises Homeowners to Sign Easements, Tours Sayreville with Bon Jovi

By Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron
NJ Today

This was the governor’s reaction to the court ruling that Harvey Cedars homeowners may not receive $375,000 for losing their ocean view to a dune project.

“For the 1,400 or so homeowners who have not yet given an easement, it’s time to give the easement, because you’re not gonna get paid. You’re not gonna get paid some substantial windfall money. Fact is, we need to get going with building these dunes and protecting our shoreline. And if you were hoping to get some six-figure payment for the loss of your precious view, I think the Supreme Court put a stake in that today,” Gov. Chris Christie said.

Christie’s comment on the Harvey Cedars case came at a Statehouse news conference where the influential pastor the Reverend Reginald Jackson endorsed him for reelection.

“For me, the most important issue in this state is education, particularly education of low-income and minority children. Gov. Christie has not only made education a priority, but he has been vocal and strong in his commitment to see that every child in the state of New Jersey gets a good education,” Jackson said.

What binds them is school vouchers for poor kids to attend private schools.

“It’s the issue that I feel most passionately about. I absolutely believe that it is immoral, an absolutely immoral position to say that children have to wait for us to fix the public schools for them to have an opportunity at a better education and as a result, the opportunity to reach their highest potential,” Christie said.

Earlier, the governor and Jon Bon Jovi walked through a neighborhood in Sayreville that’s been flooded three times in three years, most recently by Sandy.

Bon Jovi, a Sayreville native, presented a check for $1 million from him and his band members to the statewide Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund headed up by First Lady Mary Pat Christie.

“My being here is not political. It’s emotional, because I grew up here. I went to school here. I met my wife here. And in the days following the storm when I visited these streets and spoke to the residents, one thought came to me time and time again was what can I do? One of the residents responded by saying, ‘Use your voice. Let people know that we’re suffering.’ So I know that this million dollars sounds like a lot, but it’s really just a drop in the bucket,” Bon Jovi said.

“Sometimes we rebuild, but sometimes we move on. And I want to let you know that for those of you who want to rebuild here in Sayreville, we’re gonna be there to help you and are there to help you rebuild. And for those who want to move on, Sayreville is the first place we’re going to be going and we are in the midst of it right now, getting buyouts put together so people can get their lives over and not have to ever go through this again,” Christie said.

This was not a campaign event per se, but getting Reginald Jackson’s endorsement and Bon Jovi’s check for $1 million marks a pretty good campaign day. Barbara Buono tonight is in Englewood for that town’s fireworks celebration.