Christie Addresses Joaquin’s Status and NJ DOT Commissioner In Sea Isle City

We prepared for the worst and the worst didn’t happen. New Jersey learned how to prepare after Hurricane Sandy sling-shotted into shore three years ago. This storm shot out to sea. But Gov. Chris Christie said, “we’re not letting our guard down.” NJTV News Correspondent David Cruz was in Asbury Park and told Anchor Mary Alice Williams that Christie was in Sea Isle City and said that there was some good news regarding Hurricane Joaquin.

“The good news on Hurricane Joaquin is that it continues to track east, not west, into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. And if the track continues the way it is now, we’re not going to have to worry about Joaquin having any type of major effect on the Jersey Shore line and on our citizens. So far so good, that’s very good news for us. We’re prepared if it comes, but we’re very happy to hear that they’ll be visiting some place else,” said Christie.

While Christie was updating the conditions regarding Joaquin, NJ Department of Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox, announced he will be stepping down from his position. During his press conference at Sea Isle City, Christie had been asked about Fox but said that Fox was on the job and doing what he was supposed to be doing. According to Cruz, Fox had been reportedly involved in a few discussions and investigations.

“Jamie Fox is a guy who served four different governors. Served as Executive Deputy director of the Port Authority but was involved, reportedly involved and in the room when discussions were being had regarding the so called chairman’s flight. That’s when United provided a flight for David Samsone specifically for him, and Fox was involved in that. And he was also reportedly involved in lobbying members of the so-called Bridgegate committee to drop their investigation into the lane closures on the GWB,” said Cruz.

Fox had also been involved in talks on coming to terms with the Transportation Trust Fund and that he was seen as a key player in negotiations.

“In fact when Christie appointed him, it was seen as a big breakthrough for the Transportation Trust Fund and the gas tax because they thought Jamie Fox was the guy who was going to be able to do that for them and that raises a lot of questions now. What happens to this whole process now that Jamie fox is going to be gone and who replaces Jamie fox, what role will that person play on these negotiations, on the transportation trust fund and how to get the gas tax raised or not,” Cruz said.

As for the storm hitting the state, Cruz said that some temporary dunes have been put in place in Asbury Park and that there were hardly any people on the boardwalk.