Officials Address GWB Lane Closure Controversy

By Desirée Taylor
Senior Correspondent

The last of the documents subpoenaed in the George Washington Bridge scandal have been turned in. Transportation officials questioning the unannounced Fort Lee lane closures back in September that caused traffic gridlock. With legislative hearings leading to the resignation of two top officials appointed by Chris Christie, the governor has taken some heat over whether the closings were really part of a traffic study. He addressed the controversy on NJ 101.5.

“I’ve asked my staff to give me a full briefing. They’ve told me everything that we know. None of it makes sense, Eric. It’s all about politics. None of it makes sense. You even have Sen. Weinberg saying, ‘I don’t think the governor’s involved in this decision making at all.’ So if Loretta Weinberg’s saying that, you gotta be certain they’re pretty certain because she’s certainly not the president of my fan club,” Christie said on “Ask the Governor.”

But Assembly Transportation Chairman John Wisniewski thinks differently. He says, “This incident was not a traffic cone joke. It was a threat to public safety and abuse of power. We will get the answers whether the governor likes it or not.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Democratic Assemblyman Gordon Johnson.

“I believe Chris Christie’s still trying to deny and to distance himself from his political appointees that actually did this act of closing these lanes and creating chaos throughout the borough of Fort Lee, endangering the lives of the people of Fort Lee. And I think he’s not being truthful. There is no traffic study. There is no special interest for Fort Lee residents to gain access to the George Washington Bridge as we all know there’s no signage saying, ‘Fort Lee residents only,'” Johnson said.