Children Get to Celebrate Halloween for First Time in Three Years

By Senior Correspondent Desirée Taylor

Despite the threatening skies, Mother Nature didn’t rain on this noon time Halloween parade in Harrison unlike last year when Superstorm Sandy devastated much of the state and the year before when an unusual October nor’easter dumped a tod snow across parts of New Jersey.

“It was horrible. Kids couldn’t celebrate. It was bad. The year before Sandy, a snowstorm. So this is actually the first year in two years,” said Heather Guevara, Harrison Resident.

“Twice now since I’ve been governor I have canceled Halloween. Two years ago because of a blizzard. Last year because of Sandy and my kids want to know if I just don’t like Halloween. That’s just not true,” Gov. Chris Christie said.

“We had lost power here for a week so kids weren’t in school. The kids weren’t in school. So we celebrated when we came back,” said Children’s Studio Teacher, Elizabeth Diss.

Some of these young superheroes, princesses and the other colorful characters who lined up outside the Children’s Studio School for this annual event are too young to remember the wrath of Sandy. It didn’t hit this community as hard as others. One example, Hoboken, where about 80 percent of the city was flooded.

“Our building was under water. Whole lobby, it still is … a year later. Some people lost everything so I can’t complain,” said Hoboken Resident Anna Stanin.

“I live near Church Square Park. There was a notice that any parents who could get out of their house should come rake leaves. On the day of Halloween we were raking leaves. I still put my kid in his costume. We did what we had to do to pull together,” said Hoboken Resident Caroline Kelly.

Today that park, Church Square, was teeming with happy children. Some were in Halloween costumes. All of them were enjoying the mild temperatures on this last day of October because they know soon it will be frightfully chilly. And even though rain is in the forecast tonight, local business owners were expecting a good number of trick-or-treaters.

“They come to the business to get candy. Nice to see,” said Hoboken Dog Wash employee, Erica Li. “A year later, business is popping up again. I’m happy. It’s a great city.”

Of course some kids couldn’t wait until later to get their treats. Adults say their treat is just seeing their children finally get a chance to enjoy the holiday.