CD7 Candidate: More Money Needs to Be Put Back Into Infrastructure

Both the Democratic and Republican parties have begun unleashing millions of dollars in campaign ads to support party favorites in the upcoming congressional elections. Currently there’s a race in the state pitting Republican incumbent Leonard Lance against Clinton Mayor Janice Kovach. Kovach told NJTV News Anchor Mary Alice Williams that New Jersey is not spending enough money on small businesses.

“I look at the work that I’ve done in the town of Clinton and what’s important to me and what’s important to my community and too many times, what I see happening in Washington is partisan bickering,” said Kovach. “It’s that I point my finger at someone and distract attention that I don’t have to focus on what’s really happening, but we need to focus, we need to think about our small businesses.”

In order to find a solution, Kovach said that more money needs to be put back into infrastructure. According to Kovach, if infrastructure money is not brought back into the state, it will crumble.

Kovach’s opponent — Seventh Congressional District incumbent Lance — has said that he has not changed his tune on environment issues. Kovach said that she does not believe that is true.

“I say that’s not true,” Kovach said. “Leonard Lance was pro-environment when he was in Trenton. He has not supported the initiatives, he has supported the pipelines that have been coming through, focusing it as a job opportunity but it’s not necessarily New Jersey jobs.”

Kovach says that climate change is an issue that needs to be addressed because it will not go away. She said that the state needs renewable energy and needs to look at infrastructure for wind and solar energies. Kovach also said that the state needs to offer other subsidies to encourage renewable energy rather than focusing solely on fossil fuels.

On the issue of immigration, Lance has opposed granting amnesty and has said that more money needs to be spent on securing the U.S borders. Kovach says that immigration reform needs to be looked at and that individuals are coming into the U.S. for a reason, fleeing either poverty or crime.

“At the same time we need to give them a clear path so those that have come here, give them a clear path to legalization or citizenship and then at the same time work to ensure that the border has what it needs,” said Kovach. “The issue is bigger than just our borders. The issue goes beyond and we need to understand what’s driving the population.”

As Kovach continues to campaign in the Seventh Congressional District race, she said that it’s always difficult to raise money.

“I don’t think any candidate enjoys making those phone calls to ask for money,” said Kovach. “And as a woman, yes it probably is a little bit more difficult. I think women have a harder time asking for money for themselves.”