Carroll Says That New GWB Revelations Are Coincidence

As new information surrounding a Port Authority police officer driving with David Wildstein during the George Washington Bridge lane closures surfaces, Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25) told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that some of the new revelations are just coincidences.

“It says to me at least in this juncture, it says sometimes coincidences are in fact coincidences,” said Carroll. “There’s a little bit too much playing through this stuff from my perspective.”

Carroll said that it seems that Wildstein and Lt. Thomas “Chip” Michaels knew that they were both from Livingston and that who knows if its just a coincidence. Until Wildstein, Bridget Kelly and Bill Stepian answer questions before the committee, it will only be the way to get the answers.

Meanwhile Wildstein, Kelly and Stepian have plead the fifth amendment, Carroll says that he doesn’t believe that it is their strongest argument and that he hopes that the GWB lane closure controversy gets solved in court.

During his testimony, Wildstein was held in contempt while after he plead the fifth. Carroll said that the investigative committee can not enforce subpoenas outside of a court room and that the committee needs things to happen in a court in order to get all the answers.

As a member of the investigative committee, Carroll said that there still is some communication difficulties as the investigation continues. From his understanding, Carrol said that the committee adopted subpoenas from the transportation committee regarding the Arc tunnel which has little to do with the Port Authority.

“We were told that one of the reasons we were coming into Trenton was to do new subpoenas but we didn’t know what was in them,” said Carroll. ‘We weren’t told what was in them, we weren’t given the information.”

Carroll says that he is not accusing anyone of keeping anyone in the dark but that the communication has been problematic.

As for the revelation of Michaels and Wildstein, whether they had been leaked, Carroll said that it was not a leak. There was a document out in the public domain in which Wildstein refers to being with “Chip”.

“They wanted to find out who Chip was and they did some good ole fashion reporting and discovered it was this particular Port Authority police lieutenant,” said Carroll.