Bridge Investigation Hearing Gets Heated

A shouting match at the State House. Things got loud today when members of the bridge investigation committee got together.

The Democratic Co-Chair, John Wisiewski, accused Republican Amy Handlin of “showboating” during her opening remarks. That prompted response from another Republican — Kevin O’Toole. And that led to a whole big interchange.

“If you want to talk about process, you deliberately misrepresented, deliberately misrepresented what was happening in this meeting,” said Wisniewski.

“No. I take exception to that charge, chair. I did not. I got that literally 30 seconds ago, the resolution and all she simply asked was we consider bipartisan bills. And don’t tell me I’m deliberately misrepresenting. You deliberately misrepresented when you said OLS was being represented by Jenner & Block. You signed their resolution so don’t trade charges with me about deliberately misrepresenting. I resent that,” said O’Toole.

NJTV News Correspondent David Cruz discussed what transpired with Managing Editor Mike Schneider.