Boston Marathon Runners from New Jersey Reflect on Bombing

By Senior Correspondent Desirée Taylor
NJ Today

The explosions at the Boston Marathon have sent shock waves across the country including here in New Jersey. Hundreds of New Jersey residents participated in the event. Among them was Justin McLean of Bedminster who is thankful he crossed the finish line about two hours before the bombs exploded.

“Had the timing been slightly different, had the attackers chosen a different spot, we could have easily been impacted,” said McLean.


Laura Black of New Providence also finished the race before the explosions rocked the city. “You always wonder, what if I had slowed down? Thank goodness that wasn’t the case,” said Black.

Both Black and McLean are counting their blessings and sending out prayers for those who weren’t so lucky. And despite some anxiety, they both say they’re likely to run in the next Boston Marathon.

“It’s a great event. I won’t let this type of terrorism stop me from pursuing things I want to enjoy,” said McLean.

“It makes me more determined to run another marathon, to show support. We have to keep going and show we can’t be beaten,” said Black.