Booker to talk reproductive rights and gun control during Iowa swing

BY David Cruz, Senior Correspondent |

Senior Correspondent David Cruz is in the heart of Iowa following the Booker Beat.

This weekend Sen. Cory Booker will attend a round table on reproductive rights with local Iowa officials. Booker has made reproductive rights a centerpiece of his campaign after states like Missouri passed anti-abortion legislation.

Booker will tour flood damaged areas in Muscatine and cap off the Memorial Day weekend with BBQ on Monday.

This time around, Cruz is watching to see how Booker’s stump speech has evolved since the last go-around.

There’s no recent statewide polling Iowa, so it’s unclear if Booker’s made any headway. Nationally, Booker’s polling is at 2% on average, according to Real Clear Politics.

Booker’s campaign is hoping for the two front runners, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, will fall back and allow for a breakout moment for Booker.