Booker continues to campaign against Kavanaugh in NJ

BY Briana Vannozzi, Senior Correspondent |

Sen. Cory Booker, back on home turf, continued defending his release of committee confidential documents.

“We have a right to know, the public has a right to know, and this process should not continue until we have transparency, until we can review his record, until we can scrutinize his record, and no senator should vote on this candidate without seeing his record,” said Booker.

In his first New Jersey appearance since the Kavanaugh hearings, Booker said Republicans are stonewalling the process. Standing with Sen. Bob Menendez, Rep. Frank Pallone and clergy at a New Brunswick church, the leaders decried judge Brett Kavanaugh’s civil and voting rights record.

“You only have to look at Brett Kavanaugh’s record on the D.C. Court of Appeals to see that he is the most anti-civil rights, anti-women, anti-worker and anti-immigrant nominee in recent history,” Menendez said.

“I want to know what he was writing and saying at the time of Katrina when he was in the Bush White House,” Booker said. “I want to know, when they were trying to put a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage — I want to know what he said about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans. So much of his record is being obscured right now as they rush him forward before this comes out.”

The senators argued only 10 percent of Kavanaugh’s writings have been released. The National Archives have yet to clear his record, they said, and referred to emails Kavanaugh sent while serving under the Bush administration, alluding to racial profiling after 9/11. Booker is facing a possible ethics probe, even expulsion from the Senate for releasing them. Some political observers accused him of grandstanding for his rumored presidential run.

“Right now, here we stand on Monday morning, and I have now released hundreds of pages of committee confidential documents against their rules because they’re sham rules and I believe the public has a right to know,” Booker said.

“The problem is, they’re hiding what Judge Kavanaugh is all about. That’s why they don’t want to release the records. That’s why he doesn’t want to answer the questions, and it’s just a terrible thing because where will this court go if this process is not allowed to take its normal course?” asked Pallone.

“This is a lifetime appointment to the highest court on the land. What is wrong with transparency of seeing where this man stands on the critical issues the court will face?” asked Menendez.

Booker insists his actions have nothing to do with White House aspirations, even as he’s confirmed to headline a major Iowa gala that typically serves as a precursor for a run. Unless key moderate Republican senators can be swayed to change their vote, Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation seems all but certain.