Aug. 26, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

The governor has grant money to help counties get reimbursed for emergency expenditures in Sandy’s wake — counties still recovering.

The lead scare that cut off the water supply to school drinking fountains last spring is still with us. We’ll update efforts in the schools and in Congress to help.

The blow-back over steep hikes in the cost of EpiPens is still with us. We’ll look at alternatives to EpiPens, emergency epinephrine shots that could save lives.

Seniors’ scores on college entrance exams have dropped a peg. Does it mean our college bound students are not college ready?

Is the economy rolling toward a hike in interest rates? Fed Chair Janet Yellen sees a case for it. But she didn’t say when.

And toxic atmosphere. Accidental leaks of anhydrous ammonia in one town, rocket fuel in another. And a toxic argument over renaming a school.