Aug. 24, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Cutting costs and long lines at Motor Vehicle Commission offices by changing license expiration dates, relying on snail mail or online transactions and launching mobile units when the computers crash.

Compression in the health care marketplace. Another insurance company has dropped out leaving Obamacare applicants with fewer choices and higher costs.

The ancillary cost of closed casinos. Atlantic City has lost not just jobs, but population. Job fairs offer hope for the unemployed. But the jobs they’re offering aren’t here.

There’s a job opening in Palisades Park for translators who can interpret city government meetings conducted in English for a population that doesn’t speak English.

Other towns are seeing gold in their tax-exempt hospitals. Once Morristown won a windfall from its nonprofit hospital, 35 other towns are trying to reap rewards from theirs.

And changes in store for Uber drivers, rail commuters and the bus bound too. The lazy hazy crazy commutes of summer are ending all too soon.