Atlantic County Election Results

By Lauren Wanko

The Atlantic County Board of Elections counted provisional ballots into the early morning hours and started again this afternoon, one of the races at stake. The Atlantic City Mayor’s office, Democratic Incumbent Lorenzo Langford faced Republican Don Guardian. Guardian told NJTV News he’s still waiting for official results but is confident he’s the clear winner.

“We’re happy too, we’re happy to have the first Republican Mayor in almost 3 decades its really was a historic result and puts someone in charge of AC who’s going to lead the town,” said Keith Davis Chairman of atlantic County GOP.

“Well it appears Guardian did prevail we started yesterday with Mayor Langford down about 270 votes and he really didn’t diminished that gap throughout the course of the evening last night again when the final results are in we’ll take a look and decide if there’s any point in revisiting,” said Democratic Chairman Jim Schroeder.

“We have a town that has a 12 to 1 Dem to Rep voter registration and they’ve embraced a Republican in Don Gaurdian, it shows thirst for change,” said Davis.

We reached out to Mayor Langford’s office today for an interview, our calls were not returned. The Atlantic City mayor’s race was not only tight but heated.

“The meeting was scheduled for Friday to being counting ballots we were made aware evening before that Republicans were not gonna be available. There were some things over that went on in Atlantic City over the weekend quote on quote investigators visited homes of people who had cast some provisional ballots that had caused some concern. They went into minority communities and did not do same in suburban towns,” said Schroeder.

“All of the provisional ballots were not inventoried until 7 P.M. on Friday night, so any suggestion taht the board could have met on Friday frankly has no basis in fact. We make sure that those who cast provisional ballots are checked, lawful registered voters here in Atlantic County, they were. One town was targeted over another,” said Davis.

Last night Assemblyman John Amodeo’s lead over Northfield Mayor Vince Mazzeo narrowed.

“To say the least I’ve been on edge this week a bit and when election finished up on Nov 5 I thought it was over,” said Mazzeo.

“John Amodeo has a long standing record in Atlantic County I think at the time all the votes are going to be counted here I think John will prevail,” said Davis.

Meantime, Don Guardian says he’s putting together a transition team, planning meetings with the city council and casinos executives.