At Senior Citizens Center, Christie Asked About Special Election

By Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron
NJ Today

Gov. Chris Christie fulfilled a commitment he made this spring to some Sayreville students who asked him a question at a town hall meeting.

He held a mini town hall this morning at their school and fielded questions mainly about what it’s like being governor.

“It is a lot of work, but the work is a lot of fun. And sometimes it’s really not that hard. Like this is part of my job today. How great is this?” Christie said.

In the afternoon, he visited another town that was hit hard by Sandy — Moonachie in Bergen County.

The senior citizens center was destroyed and has now been rebuilt.

He told the seniors small visits like this to hard-hit towns are designed to make everyone feel things are coming back to normal, a point he expanded on to a gathering outside.

“What this symbolizes behind us is another step, a small step but an important one, in getting life back to normal for people in the areas that were really drastically affected by Hurricane Sandy,” Christie said.

In a rain-shortened news conference that followed, Christie was asked about the push-back he’s getting for calling a special election for U.S. Senate three weeks before the regularly scheduled election.

Legislative Democrats are seeking to combine them by statute and in the courts.

We asked the governor how confident he is the state Supreme Court will uphold his position.

“As confident as you can be that the Supreme Court of New Jersey will follow the law that was written by the legislature. And if they do, then the special election will happen on Oct. 16 and the general election will happen on Nov. 5. But you know, Michael, I can’t predict what the courts will do any more than you can. And certainly given the history you just never know what’s gonna happen. But we followed the laws and the appellate courts put that forward quickly. And as far as the other stuff, this is just electioneering by members of the legislature. Believe me, if they thought it worked to their advantage, they’d be keeping quiet,” said Christie.

Conservative Steve Lonegan has only token opposition in the Republican Senate primary.

Christie has not endorsed him.

Lonegan says he expects Christie’s support.

“Like I said, we have a primary and I’ll see what happens in the primary as we move along. And I’ve got an election of my own to concern myself with so I got a lot on my plate politically, Michael. I’ll deal with what I need to deal with,” Christie said.

What mattered to this crowd, however, was that a senior citizen center that was under four feet of water seven months ago was newly re-dedicated today.