Asw. Watson Coleman Will Run to Fill Rep. Holt’s Seat

Congressman Rush Holt announced that he will not be seeking reelection in the 12th District and Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) announced that she will be running to fill the position. Watson Coleman told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that with all that she has accomplished, her dependability and how she stands up for the working class, she is the strongest candidate.

Watson Coleman said that her decision to run comes from how she wants to make sure that whoever succeeds Holt will have the same kind of progressive principles that he has.

Watson Coleman said that she has been a majority leader in the legislature, has been in the executive branch of the government and has been a dependable Democrat that has stood up against Gov. Chris Christie and his policies, which have been detrimental to working class people in the state.

“I am someone who has helped to build this party [Democratic] in the state of New Jersey and I think that when you look at the voting demographics of the 12th congressional district, I do represent that person who is the best candidate. With all of the work that I have done and with the dependability that I represent and the fact that I stand up in good and bad times on the right side for the working people of New Jersey, that’s what makes me, I believe, the strongest candidate,” Watson Coleman said.

If she has to run in a primary election, Watson Coleman said that she believes that she would be victorious because she would call everybody she needs to and knock on as many doors as she has to.

“I’ve got an advantage that people know me. When you put that on top of the fact that I have been the party chair, I’ve been Barbara Buono’s for Governor chair, I’ve stood up for the issues that all of the people in the 12th district think are very important. With all the disappointments that they had with the things that Christie has done on behalf of New Jersey, they have singularly heard my voice and that I believe at the end of the day will be the defining difference,” Watson Coleman said.

Watson Coleman said that she has not always been in the majority. She has been in the minority group and has worked with reasonable and rational Republican colleagues to get things done. She said that she is very frustrated with Congress right now and thinks that the body needs someone that will stand up for strong issues.

“That doesn’t mean that I can’t talk to the people who are reasonable and rational on the other side and that doesn’t mean that I can’t find compromise and ground that works for the constituents for this district as well as those who are in this country. I am just going to work very hard to ensure that we get as many people as possible elected to Congress to represent more everyday people and not just the very few who are already very wealthy and very much in charge of the majority of the wealth in this country,” said Watson Coleman.

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