Asw. Schepisi: Additional GWB Lane Closure Documents are Speculative

Following today’s proceedings in the George Washington Bridge lane closures case with Bridget Kelly and Bill Stepien, Republican member of the Committee Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that it is all speculative that there may be additional documents.

Schepisi said that it didn’t matter if Kelly appeared in court, but she expected that Kelly would be there because the scandal is her life right now.

She said that nobody knows what other documents Kelly and Stepien may have. The committee has received thousands of pages of documents thus far.

“It’s all speculative. I think that everybody believes that there may be additional documents and additional emails, but as to whether or not they are pertinent to our investigation or not we don’t know,” Schepisi said.

She said that there were concerns that documents were going to the press first, instead of to the members of the committee.

As for the alleged toll hike manipulation, Schepisi said, “We know what has happened to a certain degree. We may never know why some of these things may have occurred. For example, the court. We may not know until April about how the court is going to rule. We might find ourselves a year from now still having this discussion. That is why it is so important that we recently dropped legislation last week to deal head-on with necessary reforms for these agencies.”

Schepisi said that there are elements that can be worked on now and it is not about Democrats or Republicans. She said that some of the ideas have already been looked at and some are new ideas, but members of both parties are at a place right now where they all know that they need to stop these types of acts from occurring in the future. She said that the Republicans need their Democratic counterparts to work with them. She said she has not had a conversation with Gov. Chris Christie, but she can’t imagine why he would not agree with the ideas.

“As an attorney, as well as a member of this committee, I really believe in our constitution and I think it’s important that the judge rules on this and not lowering the boom. Whatever the court believes that legally is the right thing to occur. It’s not our committee compelling this,” Schepisi said.