Asw. Handlin and Asw. Caride Discuss Renna’s Testimony in GWB Investigation

Assemblywomen Amy Handlin and Marlene Caride discuss Christina Renna’s testimony on the George Washington Bridge lane closure investigation with NJTV News Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron.

The pair discussed how Renna talked about her relationship with Bridget Anne Kelly, IGA and how new information was discovered during the hearing.

Caride said that she learned that the testimony before the investigative committee gave members new information that was not available within reports and subpoena documents.

“We were able to get information that was not in any of the reports. I think it filled in some of the gaps,” said Caride.

Handlin said that she learned from today’s hearing how the Port Authority was spending money and how the agency was not stopped in time.

“My take on this hearing today is that $22 million were spent again by all of those clowns in the three ring circus called the Port Authority and we did absolutely nothing to stop it,” said Handlin.