Assemblyman Ramos on Possible Meadowlands Casino, Police Steroid Use, Port Authority

Officials are discussing ways to keep gambling dollars in the Garden State. One of the options is to allow gambling at the Meadowlands. Assemblyman Ruben Ramos (D), who chairs the Oversight and Gaming Committee, spoke with NJToday Managing Editor Mike Schneider about the state of the gambling industry, how to stem steroid use in police officers and questioning how the Port Authority spends its money.

Ramos said his committee will be holding hearings to talk about the future of the gambling industry in New Jersey. One of the topics is if the northern part of the state could support a full casino, a smaller casino or slot machines at the Meadowlands. While he’s unsure of the final direction, he said officials have to take some action to keep gambling dollars in the state since New York and Pennsylvania have expanded their offerings.

While investigating options for expanding gambling, Ramos said officials will be trying to find ways to support Atlantic City and raise its revenues.

Ramos is involved in an effort to curb steroid use among police officers. “We don’t want to see taxpayers paying for any steroid use from police officers. Also I don’t think anyone wants to be pulled over by a police officer and be abused by a police officer potentially because of steroid use,” he said. “So I think it’s a two-prong attack.”

Ramos wants to question the Port Authority and how it spends its money, pointing to toll hike increases to “astronomical levels.” He cited how a Fort Lee resident commuting to New York across the George Washington Bridge each day could pay more in tolls than in income taxes.