Asm. Prieto Aims To Lower Property Taxes As Speaker

After being elected to be the new Speaker of the General Assembly starting in January, Asm. Vincent Prieto told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that he wants to work on lowering property taxes.

Prieto said that the democrats have been brought back into the majority and that speaks volumes about what they have done and the initiatives that they have come up with that the governor has signed into law. “It shows that we are doing a good job and we want to keep expanding the majority. So if we end up with those two additional seats, it’s great for us,” Prieto said.

He said that it is an honor to follow in Sheila Oliver’s footsteps because she lead with grace. There is a lot that he would like to see done and Prieto said that everyone likes to come in with their own ideas and thoughts and wants to do something that will leave a mark.

When asked what he would like to accomplish as Speaker, Prieto said, “Property taxes are still highest in the nation. We haven’t gotten to the root of the problem and that would be to lower property taxes, so that is a goal to try and tackle.”

Prieto said that every year we are paying more into pension payments and out of a seven year plan that is supposed to fully fund the pension system, we are in the third year and have $1.7 billion but need another $5.5 billion to be fully implemented.

“We want to make sure that whoever has these pensions, at the end of the day when they retire, they will be able to be funded. We are are making sure that we are putting in the money that we are supposed to, Prieto said.

When it comes to how the government is operating, Prieto said that you always need to look and adjust and you can never say that it is perfect.

As for Gov. Christie’s proposal to lower income taxes, Prieto said that it was something that could not be done when it was proposed because the revenue is not there.

Prieto said that bipartisanship is the best way to work together.”We have to make sure as that the people who’s voices are not heard need to be represented so I will be advocating for those people, so we need to get to a middle ground because it is always the best place,” Prieto said.