Asm. O’Scalon: Studies Show Red Light Cameras Don’t Improve Safety

Brick Township has declared its experiment with red light cameras to be a failure and Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that every objective study of the red light cameras has concluded that they do not improve safety.

O’Scanlon said that Brick is the first municipality to have red light cameras and elected officials are benefiting from deciding to share their study findings.

It is important to remember that the red light cameras do not improve safety, O’Scanlon said.

“It is a lie perpetuated by the red light camera companies in order to keep millions of dollars flowing out of our pockets and into theirs and that’s shown in every single objective study of this equipment that has concluded that it doesn’t improve safety. In fact, it probably marginally decreases safety and that has been exactly the case here in Brick,” O’Sacnlon said.

He said that the net cost in added injuries and accidents is around $200,000, not including the cost of all of the tickets and police time spent reviewing the tapes.

“It is a dismal program and it was a dismal failure here. It’s been a dismal failure in New Jersey and everywhere it is tried. Unless you torture the facts, you cannot claim that this equipment improves safety,” said O’Scanlon.

A former top official of Redflex, a red light camera company, is claiming that it was standard procedure for the company to provide lavish gifts and bribes to local officials, so they would use the cameras, O’Scalon said. He said that the former official said that New Jersey was one of the states that he was a part of bribing and O’Scanlon says that is something that needs to be looked into.