Asm. Greenwald: Ammunition Magazine Capacity Bill’s a Clear Cut Issue

Today the Assembly voted to further limit ammunition magazine capacity in New Jersey. Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that data and crime statistics speak for themselves and this is a very clear cut issue.

“The argument over this bill is sound bites verses the passion and pleas of families who have actually lost the most precious thing in their life — their children. The families from Sandy Hook are not talking about conjecture, they are talking about their children that were murdered. When you talk to the people on the floor of the Assembly, they talk about this fanciful notion that something is being taken away from them yet the law is very clear. It doesn’t take away a single gun,” said Greenwald. “If it doesn’t take away a single gun, it doesn’t affect a single individual’s Second Amendment rights. All we are doing in this legislation is saying that if you currently have a 15 round magazine clip, it has to be reduced to 10. Other than that, they are the same bullets, they are the same gun that can be used lawfully in the same purpose for protection in your home, in shooting range or if you use it for hunting.”

Greenwald said that Senate President Steve Sweeney has given his word that he will guide the bill through the Senate. He said that he doesn’t see any way that Sweeney would go back on that commitment. He said that he made the argument on the floor today to stop talking about this in some fictitious notion. Greenwald said that every one of the individuals voting should sit down and talk to the families, the parents of Sandy Hook, hear their pain, hear their stories and hear them talk about the children who were able to escape and run away when the killer had to reload.

Greenwald said that he does not have any sense of where Gov. Chris Christie stands on this issue. He said that Christie has been very blunt in the past where he has said he would veto a bill when it gets to his desk and he has said that he will evaluate this bill when it gets to his desk. He said that he thinks Christie is open-minded to this bill because he has met the families from Sandy Hook and he was heard their pleas.

As for the Tesla issue, Greenwald said that the legislature was not involved in a measure that will no longer allow the maker of electric cars to sell directly to consumers. He said that Christie’s administration a couple of years ago provided a license for Tesla to market an electric car in a direct sales manner and the same administration took that right away. Greenwald said that the legislature will fix the situation if that is what is asked of them but this is not the legislature’s fight.

The legislature has only been involved in this issue for 48 hours, according to Greenwald, and he said that he has met with Tesla and the car franchise people. He said that he knows that the car franchises in New Jersey are small owned businesses by families that have rich traditions in the state and many people have bought their vehicles through those facilities and go there to have them repaired. He said that he knows what Tesla has reported and has seen the vehicle, been to the service shops, driven the car and seen the reports.

Greenwald said that it has been reported that Tesla is one of the finest cars ever made. He said citizens should be able to buy a product of that ingenuity and invention in the state. Greenwald said that he doesn’t know that Tesla needs all of the same services that a franchise does. He said that what he is trying to do now is have conversations about how he can help the electric car company.

“It’s more than Tesla. Cars and manufacturers like Tesla grow their product in the state of New Jersey and yet protect the consumer rights that are so important when you are dealing with product of this nature from the manufacturer that may be removed. That is a doable and solvable problem that we are in the process of and we will come to a solution. Our goal is to keep Tesla here and attract other companies like Tesla and make sure that this rich industry thrives in our state,” said Greenwald.