Asm. Bramnick: NJ Salt Shortage Could Have Been Avoided

Another storm hit New Jersey as the state is in the midst of a salt shortage. Assemblyman Jon Bramnick (R) told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that the salt shortage could have already been solved.

“Well, last Friday there was a ship that could have brought down thousands of tons of salt,” said Bramnick.

Bramnick said that a barge is now caught up in bad weather and that the ship with a foreign flag could have brought the salt to the state. According to Bramnick, Homeland Security could have given a waiver to the Merchant Marine Act, also known as the Jones Act, that would have allowed the shipment of salt. He said he heard that the waiver did not happen because it was Presidents’ Day weekend.

“This is Homeland Security. I’m assuming they work 24 hours a day,” Bramnick said.

This winter has brought many storms to the state. Bramnick said that this winter was one no one expected. Had there been a bigger purchase of salt, Bramnick said that there would have been complaints about there being too much salt and that officials spent too much money.

As for the George Washington Bridge investigation, the investigation committee will now seek to a court order to compel Bridget Kelly and Bill Stepien to comply with subpoenas. Bramnick said that all of the Republicans in the state voted to hold both Kelly and Stepien in contempt.

Bramnick also said that he had some concerns about the committee because it has an unbalanced number of members from each political party. He said that the committee received plenty of information but that committee members have to be careful and not be obstructionists and that it was the reason why he had pushed for the U.S. Attorney.

“I’m talking about a legal obstruction to what might be a criminal prosecution, I’m not talking about obstruction is some other way,” said Bramnick.

As the investigation continues, Bramnick says that he wants to make sure it gets done in a fair and measured way.