Asm. Bramnick Says Creating Jobs Is Priority

Following his reelection as Assemblyman and minority leader, Republican Jon Bramnick told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that working with Gov. Chris Christie to create jobs has to be a priority.

Branmick had hoped Republicans would have gained the majority in the Assembly after Tuesday’s election and that he could become speaker, but the Democrats retained control. He said that the Democrats spent $25 million campaigning against the Republicans in the election, whereas the Republicans spent $500,000 on television ads. Even with a much smaller budget, the Republicans picked up two more seats as of today.

He said that the race shows that Republicans can’t match the special interest money, but if they could, they would have done much better in the election. Even with 100,000 more Republican votes in the state than Democratic votes, they still lost. He said that shows the map isn’t fair.

But he’s also hopeful for change. “Who would ever think that a Republican governor could win by 20 points? So things change in politics, so I’m always optimistic,” Bramnick said. “We have a Republican governor in Chris Christie who has changed the direction of the state and we’ve assisted him with the Republican caucus so we still have a pretty good team and we’re able to contribute.”

The Republican leadership team was reelected and work very well together, Bramnick said, and they are pleased that they picked up seats in a difficult year.

Bramnick said he congratulated the Democratic team and now that the election is over, they can work together with class and civility.

“I always wanted to address the high tax and high regulations that have cursed our system for so long. We want to bring business in this state and we want to create jobs. That’s gotta be number one. If you don’t create jobs and you don’t help this economy, you can’t do much else,” Bramnick said.

He said he wants to implement this by working with Christie and continue the progressive job programs that Christie started during his first term.

Some have said the state can’t afford Christie’s proposed 10 percent income tax cut and cuts to property taxes. Bramnick said Christie told lawmakers that he can find money to give back to taxpayers within the $32 billion budget.

Bramnick said that he does not worry about the governor and his possible run for president because he is a special leader. “He is almost magical in his ability to get things done. He’s extremely talented,” Bramnick said. “It doesn’t get better than Chris Christie.”