Aron Discusses Christie’s Agenda For The Start of The Year

On this first full business day of the New year, Gov. Chris Christie’s on the radar and for a number of reasons. He’s hitting the road again, attending the inaugurations of Republican governors he’s supported. And perhaps generating support for a Presidential campaign he hasn’t announced, all the while dodging denunciations for being a Dallas Cowboys fan.NJTV News Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron told Anchor Mary Alice Williams that there is much ado about Christie’s attendance at the Cowboys game.

While Christie was at the game, some have questioned whether it violated some state ethics laws if he accepted a free ticket. Aron said that according to the ethics laws, “You can’t accept a gift from someone has been the beneficiary of state government and the NFL has been an a beneficiary through the Super Bowl and through practice fields and so on.”

The Governor’s office has responded by citing the executive order number 24, which says that governors can accept gifts from family and personal friends.

As for a possible presidential run, Aron says that he does not know when Christie will make his decision on a presidential run.

“I think maybe his team is waiting to see what the U.S. attorney does with the bridgegate investigation, so that they can wrap their campaign opening. If they do run around that such a way as to reflect attention from it,” said Aron.

Christie is scheduled to attend some Republican Gubernatorial inaugurations. Aron said that Christie is expected to be in Florida to attend the inauguration of Gov. Rick Scott. The following week Christie will deliver his State of the State address. Afterwards he will head to Maryland for the inauguration of Larry Hogan and then to Iowa at the end of the month for a conference.