April 22, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Gov. Christie underscores his top agenda item, celebrating a program that delivers to addicts resources and hope.

Jersey City is being transformed, not only by a changing skyline but by a new community. And people in the old neighborhood aren’t sure that’s a good thing.

Writing a living will to share your end-of-life wishes with loved ones is a good thing. So why have almost half of us postponed doing it?

The EPA is choosing to cover up and cap carcinogens in the soil and water instead of carting the poison away. Ringwood residents sound off.

Atlantic City residents see a gold mine in parking meters, upgrading and expanding them to generate more money from the tourists as casinos generate more jobs for the locals.

And going green on this Earth Day — an historic global pact to save the planet while local engineering students shine their own light on ways to save the Earth.